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CFGNY + Stedelijk Museum

Video produced and directed by Rodan Tekle + Kyo Jwa in collaboration with CFGNY for their Stedjelik performance weekend.

Fake Fashion 3 brings together text, garments, and mobile set pieces to explore the concept of the “bootleg”: unauthorized counterfeit garments linked with illegal production in Asia. Considered in the West as second-rate and fake, these associations lower bootlegs to an illicit status. Bootlegs in Asia have developed in tandem with the conditions in which they are produced, shedding some of their aspirational qualities and enabling truly creative gestures in their production. Exploring markets in Vietnam or perusing the online stores of TaoBao, unexpected graphic and textual combinations weave together their own poetic language.

As the idea of a bootleg in the West is so heavily connected with notions of being Asian, CFGNY builds its ongoing dialogue around race and value through these intersecting associations.


Directed by Studio Junbi
DP  Kenny Sule
Gaffer  Jonathan Karam
Color  Irving Harvey
Talents  kirsten kilponen, Dare 腾林


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