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John Cale — Noise Of You

Setting out to make a ‘moving’ portrait of John, we have mapped images and video of John’s life over his former home of New York City, creating a conversation between past and present, reflecting the way that distant, and sometimes dissonant, voices can reach across divides of space and time to speak their own language of love.- Pepi Ginsberg


Edit & GFX by Studio Junbi

Directed by Pepi Ginsberg
Produced by Karen Madar & Nita Scott
Executive Produced by Aaron Z. Willson
Production Company Ground Work 

Crew 1
Director of Photographyby Kevin Hayden
AC by Yuya Kudo
2nd AC by Małgorzata Rabczuk
Driver & PA by Will Foulkes

Crew 2
Director of Photography by Mia Cioffi Henry
AC by Hunter Stark
Driver & PA by Gabriela Azevedo 

Color & Finish by Company 3
Finishing Colorist by Patrick Devine 
Finishing Produced by Alexandra P. Garcia Ortiz 
CO3 Executive Produced by Stefan Sonnenfeld
Voiceover mixing by Martin Crane @iomcoi
End titles by Julian Bennett Holmes
Candid photos and videos of John Cale by Nita Scott